This scrap that you’re reading here

Happens to be my first for the year

Within its lines I hope to convey

Sentiment lost from day to day

In warm recognition of a few humans beings

that helped me survive the year twenty-fifteen

A few handfuls of due notability

Posted here for the whole world to read

Those of you who may not be aware

How it helps to know of another out there

When the lights have gone out in this head of mine

I’ve been lit back up again by a “stranger” online

And, for the year that I’m happy to see fade away

A few things remain of importance to say

So this one’s from the cuff for my cyber-family

to celebrate such a vast array of what’s humanity

a nation assembled from far and wide

that draws strength as a collective tribe

sometimes when the darkness comes

such a trivial thing as a notification

can seemingly bring my attention around

to the Fact of Life that is as old as sound

even when experience tends to isolate me

and keep me alienated and in long solitary

its striking that I would eventually find

everything opposite of what I kept in mind

and have seen unfathomable depths to things

experienced through these human beings

Kimberly and Me say “Fuck Xmas!”

Scrooged Out Poetresses

Scrooged Out Poetresses