Never will you endeavor to mind,

I’ll just be here hanging on the line,

baited breath for the elusive reply,

skin that burns at the turn of your blind eye…

forever and ever spins this glitch in time,

laid out before those very shaded eyes,

a charted route you refuse to recognize,

tongues that sting as they swing and spill lies…

not a moment wasted of your precious time,

no second thought over this burden of mine,

watch me continue, pass right down the line,

no turning back to paint black what I leave behind…

you’ve surely exposed yourself fully this time,

displayed by the drunkenness such greed defines,

so many chances to ignore your beloved dollar sign,

any opportunity to do right by me has at last, passed you by.



I do not like things,

the way they have been,

two weeks from now,

I still won’t like them –

and two years away,

as a New Year rolls in,

I likely still won’t like things,

the way that they have been.

I can’t describe things,

with the words I’d like to,

mouth won’t speak the sentences,

I need to say in truth –

nothing’s down the road ahead,

to cure this pseudo-mute,

no finish line to run toward,

or spectators throwing food.

I just can’t seem to feel things,

in ways that I can almost recall,

this bloodlessness has dropped me,

til I have nowhere left to fall –

the truths behind the tragedies,

will seep through hairlines in the wall,

no…I do not like things,

the way that they have been, at all.

Pretty Much The Same Thing.

same thingIn the spirit of The Mad Black Woman (Porno – LOL), Miss Persia Karema,

“I’m Just Sayin”…..



Life often throws curve-balls at me when it comes to the stupid choices I make in regard to ‘trust’ and ‘the wrong people’; and so the story goes.

The older I get, the more able I am to take responsibility for my own parts in the bullshit that goes down between myself and others – and the older I get, the less willing I become to even involve the others at all in my existence.

Being online with so many diverse personalities has helped me to learn a lot about the unwillingness I have cultivated over the years; and it has also been my experiences with people online that have helped reaffirm a longstanding sentiment I’ve held when it comes to the people around me:

  1. I do not have to love them.
  2. I do not have to understand them.
  3. I do not even have to give a shit about them.

But my not giving a shit about somebody in whom I foster no love or understanding for should not impede my own sense of morality and/or humanity as a result; and I should never allow it to.