Taken Me.

Eyes closed
face poised in pleasure
tension dissolving from its hold
unwrapping the tightly woven coils
of muscles around the bones,
clothes on the floor
tan-lines exposed
hazy tendrils floating lazily
heaven bound
nobody to tell you “no”
fingers clenching
time hard pressing
against a passion
a love story
without the love
the smoothness of
a liquid glove
I breathe you in deep
all the way to my feet
excite me
I am yours to keep
until you fail to please
for now the ember
burns white hot in these sheets
no need to wonder
just be
I surrender
myself at your feet
take me under
besiege me
rough and tender
do what you may please
sweat spilled
droplets of evidence
of the elements
to your ownership
of my willing body
push and pull
you leave me on my knees
I’m yours
to throw or to hold
you have taken me.

A Dedication to a Front Line Soldieress – Who Has Apparently Returned!!!

I’m gonna fight ’em off,

a seven nation army

couldn’t hold me back…

They’re gonna rip it off,

taking their’ time

right behind my back…

And I’m talkin’ to myself at night – because I can’t forget;

Back and forth through my mind behind a cigarette…

And the message comin’ from my eyes says,


I have a tickling notion that my old, beloved sister in survival, newly enjoying her own FREEDOM for the first time in over TWO DECADES, the ONE AND ONLY Teela Hart – – – has returned to the blogosphere, to some degree…


And you know exactly WHY.

LOVE YOUR LIFE more than you will ever know. <3

Come see me soon. 🙂