I dropped myself backwards over the stern,

you stood at the bow, unwilling to learn,

refusing to follow the map I had drawn,

stagnantly anchored there all the night long,

your disgust was apparent as I swam farther away,

you began to pull the anchor up immediately,

but your head-games had already turned me cold,

so I kept on dog-paddling and cursed you, tenfold,

and as I saw you sail away without me,

just as I should’ve felt my most empty,

the weight of the ocean’s fathomless depths,

vacuumed me up with one huge, inhaled breath,

tucked me safely within its motherly net,

and whispered with love that I wasn’t dead yet,

seeming to rise from the uncharted deep,

a ghostly phantom too long  gone to sleep,

to guide my tired mind and broken body,

to a place of solid earth and humanity,

I found you once again so long afterward,

you were too frozen in place to utter a word,

and I simply conveyed my thanks to you,

for forcing me to see the true colors in you.




Let Me.

Let me write of the way that my very genetics seem to yearn,
Blood pumping so quickly, so fiercely; my skin begins to burn.
Tingles of sweat drops on hot spots – oceans, the tides turn;
Now it’s my turn on top, and I won’t stop until you learn.

Let me illustrate a circumstance, in which your eyes are locked to mine,
Let me orchestrate the Rain Dance that stops the pace of time.
Swirled inside of ecstasy, next to me – everything is fine;
Everything else is frozen besides the warmth on my insides.

Let me warn you of the influence that my surrender tends to hold,
My face is shy, my body is small; but this spirit is fierce and bold.
For it’s been said that if I get in your head, your legs will surely fold;
And for a tongue that’s made of silver, so goes a heart of solid gold.

Let me remind of a time that was just yours and mine,
The snow fell lightly through beams of warm sunshine.
I lay wrapped tightly around your chisels like a serpentine;
While your lips insistently sipped on that nasty Moonshine.

Let me try to forget of the sounds of my heart’s tattering ,
Never you – never me, never was or will be.
Just sit in the warmth of a thought, sitting so far from me;
Come closer now, I don’t care how…I need this fire put out in me.