R.I.P. Halloween.

  • Until this year (the Waking Nightmare Election 2016), Halloween has been the ONLY day on the American Calendar that permits dressing up like anybody or anything that suits one’s fancy and calling at the front door of people’s homes after dark, to be warmly received and given candy. Unfortunately, it appears that from now on, we will be dressing up as sheep every fourth year to hit the poll booths so Halloween will no longer hold the uniqueness that it always had. Granted, there will be no wiggle room in regard to costume customization for voting days in the future, as sheep all look the same, but it steals the sunshine of Halloween costumes, all the same.
  • Halloween is the only day of the year that legally allows one to construct a hideous display of macabre and terrifying scenery in the front yard without being held as a kidnapper or terrorist for 48 hours.
  • Halloween is also the only day that I have ever been successful at scaring the parents of several toddlers badly enough to make them literally ditch their young and end up out at the curb without thinking twice. (Once, the dad actually came physically out of his shoes when he bolted).
  • Candy
  • Adorable youngsters dressed up as all kinds of adorable things at my door, trying to say “Trick or treat!” through missing front teeth.

A Fucking Rant #2.

Why doesn’t anyone just come out and say it? …That our country is RUINED in terms of political standing with itself; that our country is no nation in the true sense of the word; that our country is, indeed, the quite laughable notion made in jest during a drunken gathering of the Gods or whatever…that we have fallen to shambles from the top to the bottom of the stars and the stripes.

Nobody admits out loud how telling it is that this election has been responsible for the drawing of countless distinctive lines in the dirt between countless formerly undivided unions of all sorts.

Nobody admits out loud that we are each scared as Hell by the choices put out before us to choose this country’s future President from.

Nobody seems to want to acknowledge the deeply disturbing realities attached to the fact that we have reached such a low point in our nation’s history in the first place; not to mention talking about how at the end of the day, it’s US who have allowed this atrocity to unfold.

Nobody talks about how divided we are by the same things that divide every nation everywhere, throughout history, tried and true: class, greed, and religion.

Religion = politics;

Politics = religion;

The class you fall into ultimately decides which level of education you receive, your education forms your own notions and opinions about the world around you, you either become a greedy victimizer of others or you are repeatedly victimized by greed, you pay taxes to a chauvinistic hypocrite with two air holes in his head like a fucking whale hybrid or something, and then you die and are interred according to your religious beliefs. The end.

Not For MY People.

Hey, you fucking morons in power;

here’s a fucking idea to the candidates running for president; as well as any future hopefuls belonging to the cursed days to come :

Why not use some of your billions of dollars (money that isn’t really yours, in all reality) to do some ACTUAL GOOD for a change. Do it before you get elected; do it after you get elected; do it because it’s the right fucking thing to do.


You want to lead this country?

You want to have the world’s respect as a leader?

You want to make history, in the “good” column?


You might have the fake smiles and cash endorsements of the “important people” (translation: people who are rich like you are) in Washington and New York and Texas; but, there’s so much that you seem to have overlooked in your neediness for admirers to cast a vote in your direction…those aren’t the people that matter. Those aren’t the ones who are so hungry for a change in this country that they are falling apart neighborhood by neighborhood, family by family. Those people could care less about the Mother Earth, the OBVIOUSLY tainted brutality belonging to so many police professional across the country, the hungry children with no warm clothes or place to sleep, the seething unrest that boils beneath the very feet of the citizens that YOU somehow feel you have what it takes to lead.

Nothing you can say or do will help us; nothing you claim to stand for makes any difference to our increasingly shameful status as Americans. How many of you have come in succession with promises and big plans that you vomit from your despicable mouths (yes, Obama is included, sorry)? How much better have we grown as a nation? Do you even know what the word NATION actually stands for? Where I come from, it literally means “a federation of tribes”; shall I recite the definition of the word “tribe” as well?


I Think Hillary Clinton Said it Best When She Said:

I think that the politician, U.S. Democratic Party Presidential Candidate, Mrs. (Mr.) Hillary Clinton said it best during the party debate when she said,

“I try to be as transparent as I know how to be…”

Truly, I couldn’t have summed up ALL of American politics, and those most closely attached to them, any better had I said it myself, Hillary…it was so sweet I think I lost a tooth or two.