The “Whyer” (An Un-Secret Chronicle).

Toilet Seats and Vaseline.


In spite of the obvious answer to such wonderment, the young S was always genuinely shocked by the amount of time that she and her best friend spent in the dreary realm of “consequence” that one must visit upon being caught and deemed guilty of a thing; and her honest queries regarding this topic had J in regular meditation surrounding the (now, un-secret) adventures of she and her playmate.
S was a “why-er”; she was never satisfied with the answers that adults gave her on any subject, having been born deeply embedded with the distrust of the world’s top Conspiracy Theorists.
While daydreaming in after-school-detention (an almost daily trifle in their juvenile lives, Monday through Friday), S had the tendency to ponder she and J’s being there on the deepest of levels, following up the thinking spell by writing a four-page summary of her opinions on the scenario, crumpling the two sheets of paper into a hopelessly ink-smeared ball; and then, proceeding to chuck it at a professional baseball pitcher’s speed from across the room to J.
Once, upon being given an unsatisfactory answer (about the original scout of Mount Rainier) from an adult at a holiday party thrown by J’s somewhat uppity grandmother, S took a poll among the rest of the guests present, and had calculated and announced its results (which were, I should add, NOT in the favor of the original adult answer-giver, after all) before the party’s conclusion. S didn’t gloat, however.
It was times such as these that J wondered to herself in earnest:
How old will S and I be when we land ourselves in the slammer?
So it went, that through the childhood years of these two uniquely blended souls, and without fail, each and every time that the two of the youngsters found themselves in trouble, and subsequently paying the consequences or making amends for said trouble, J would find herself under a barrage of verbal bullets in the form of inquiries surrounding the miserable circumstances. It isn’t as if the S’ huge arsenal of ever-replenished appendages to the bottom line question of “why” bothered J; in fact, without the company of her best friend during her younger years of Life, J most certainly would have grown up to be much different in character and disposition, as S’ perpetually running interrogations undoubtedly molded J into the opinionated and exacting person she is, ever stimulated by the tickling in her young brain by S in this way.
It worked both ways, too; as S spent her time feeling an innate sense of alarm and impending danger at all times, as a direct result of the friendship shared between them. Hyper-vigilante S was always a little over-protective of dreamy J, and continues to be to this day; but during the days of their youth, the one always harbored a compelling notion of security towards the other. From the outside looking in on the girls’ connection, it certainly appeared a strange combination of traits that held the two girls so closely bound to one another, being as night and day different as they were.
For instance, S has the personality of a chucker, and resorted almost instantly to fist fighting (or worse) on the playground when she was faced with opposition of any kind (withstanding that of her beloved J); plotted hideously diabolical schemes, and launched the most elaborate of hoaxes and pranks against their natural childhood enemies when called to action. J, on the other hand, was much more apt to being soft and tended to shy away from confrontation, preferring to logically figure out the root cause of any differences that arose between her and others. There had been many times that after walking away from a situation that J was certain she had successfully hashed-out with a peer on the playground, only to be informed that the very same student had come by some horrible “accident” in the aftermath. A tell-tale sign of S’ inevitable involvement was the fact that during these particular instances, not a single “why?” was muttered to J in the whispered conversations that came in their wake.
The result of such variances in personality and behavior between the girls became the rough outline of the solid bond that can be observed today. Where many young children who foster un-becoming friendships during the years in Life when one is still uncertain of one’s own preferences, tend to grow out of such a role by high school, J and S honestly seemed to not notice the blaring contrast between them. The years passed by with only the pains and struggles of the Outside World touching the girls; and the cushion between the two of them, an element that allowed them to just “be” with each other, never softened or faded or burned out. If anything, the enchanted web woven throughout the days lived by them only served to strengthen and protect them from the Outside World and its never-ending stream of hardships.
In summary, the terrifyingly alert and disturbingly cool S that currently walks around scaring the Hell of people and totally lacking any verbal or mental filter, whatever, actually has a much more calm and nurturing side than most might suspect. J smiles to herself even now; to think of the handfuls of times that little S looked up at her so curiously and asked,


Psychopathic Bringers of Justice and Peace – Part 4: The Vigilante Cop.

true detective

The next segment of Psychopathic Bringers of Justice and Peace revolves around the two detectives from the HBO Series called True Detective – Matthew McConaughey’s broken, but profoundly wise character, police detective Rust Cohle, and Woody Harrelson’s uptight and poorly experienced character, Martin Hart.
Throughout the first season of this series, we watched the partnered characters of Woody Harrelson and McConaughey travel through the span of a decade’s time. We watched Rust arrive as a strategically relocated vice cop from Texas to a strange, back-country town in Louisiana to work the case of his lifetime. The series plays out for Rust alongside of a very different partner, Harrelson’s character, Marty Hart.

Rust’s Traits and Characteristics:
1. grieving father
2. a vigilante officer of the law
3. hyper-vigilant
4. traumatized
5. a survivor of near-fatal injuries
6. highly spiritual (but not religious)
7. very opinionated
8. motivated
9. alcoholic
10. willing to kill and/or die for his cause(s)

Marty’s Traits and Characteristics:
1. absent father
2. deceptive
3. self-absorbed
4. unobservant
5. disloyal
6. competitive
7. proud
8. god-fearing
9. narrow-minded
10. willing to kill and/or die for his causes(s)

One thing that I found highly interesting about this plot and the characters was the truth to life that remained present in each scene of every episode. This was such a deeply moving series for many reasons, but Rust certainly stole the show early on with the insightful lines he would spit that would unfailingly cause his stiff-lipped partner (who understand him ZERO percent) shake his head and change the subject. Hit #1 with me, as someone who often receives that same reaction from those around me, when I speak my mind’s madness out loud. I hated the murders and the filth of human flesh attached to the ritualistic, murderous clan of old Yankee men on down the line to the inbred giant and his lover/sister – but not hated it in the sense of any distaste for the writing or amazingly spun plot-line. In all honesty, the discomfort and distaste that I experienced throughout many scenes of the season were based on the TRUTH and REALITY that looms darkly behind the show’s overall storyline.
So, once again – by the end of the season, the viewer (well, I was at least) is rooting for these two cops to do whatever they gotta do to bring down the monsters; any and all of our celebrated respect for the notion of judicial righteousness or justice goes out the window with each dead body discovered. The closer that I got to being forced to accept the defeat of our vigilante detectives towards the end of season one; the more desperate I became to see the bad monsters slain, “not brought to justice”. And unsurprisingly, by that time, I had also totally sided with Rust’s warped state of mind and plan of attack, as well. SHOCKER, right?

The Psychopathic Bringers of Justice and Peace – Part 3: Marv from Sin City.

“That’s the Thing With Dames…sometimes all they gotta do is let it out, and a few buckets later there’s no way you’d know…”

Marv Goes the Distance for Goldie.

Marv Goes the Distance for Goldie.


“Most people think Marv is crazy. He just had the rotten luck of being born in the wrong century.”


“What if I’m wrong? I’ve got a condition. I get confused sometimes. What if I’ve imagined all this? What if I’ve finally turned into what they’ve always said I would turn into? A maniac. A psycho killer.”

We all remember the Marvel Classic turned Movie Sin City, in which the enormous and disfigured Parolee, Marv, falls in love with “A Dame to kill for” (Goldie the Hooker).

I have always loved this film, despite the gore and bloodlust involved; because we get a strange but thorough view from inside this psychopath’s mind during the saga.

We experience his self-doubt under his own un-medicated state; he expresses his underlying need and desire to be loved for the scary thing that he looks like. We see how undyingly loyal and die-hard his affections can be when he is given that love – regardless of if it had come from a hooker. The sense of confusion mixed with sheer determination for vengeance in this storyline is unmatched, and couldn’t possibly have been done any better, in my opinion.

Marv helps the viewer to see that there is an awareness of himself all along, he is very mindful throughout his role in the Saga.

His understanding and deep love for the “dames” is eventually what gets him killed, and by that time – – – the viewer is rooting for him to rise again.

“That’s the thing with dames; sometimes all they gotta do is let it out and a few buckets later there’s no way you’d know…”

True Blood Feuding at its Best.

Below is short scene from the Man From Nowhere (2010), one of my ALL-TIME favorite Vigilante Films that also contains one of my ALL-TIME favorite “life-theme songs” by Mad Soul Child called Dear.

In this scene, our Hero “Pawn Shop” finally gets to fight his evil counterpart, Ramrowan the Thai Henchman. (Who by the way, in a sharp twist at the ending, leaves a legacy that’s much different from the one “Pawn Shop” might have expected – of course, that’s AFTER our Vigilante Hero kills him.

The Psychopathic Bringers of Justice and Peace Part 2

In my first article in the all-new Psychopathic Bringers of Justice & Peace series, I shared with my readers some of my most celebrated “heroes” from literature, history, and film depictions. This probably gave you a very good idea of how my mind sees a “savior” or a “godsend”; and it’s quite likely not what would be considered “normal” in terms of societal standards (fuck ‘em)…

Pirates, soldiers, beast-like “things” that double as humans, scoundrels, hit men, gangsters, criminals of the most lowly kind; Hell, there’s no doubt in my mind that if I were to run into several of them somehow in a dark alley – I’d be toast by principle, alone.

For this segment, I’m going to examine some generalized reasons behind my unfailing curse of relating to these particular “psychopaths”; and also how the Hell I might openly consider each one heroic in his/her own right. (Though, I already know that many of my readers will not have to reach far in order to completely get it, since they are similar to me in these ways…)

This post examines the darker sides off each character for the most part – – – Next time, we will look at the similarities each of them as Heroes.

Let’s get to know a little about each of these blood-spilling “Boondock Saints“, shall we?

Lisbeth Salander – the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (Novels by Stieg Larsson)

By the end of this Saga, we completely and totally understand, and accept Lisbeth's psychological instabilities.

By the end of this Saga, we completely and totally understand, and accept Lisbeth’s psychological instabilities.

[Shown in photo as Lisbeth Salander of the Swedish film version of the Series, Noomi Rapace]



Survivor of SERIOUS multiple types of abuse


needs “alone time” often

bi sexual


resourceful as 10 mother fuckers


must have a set of HUGE nuts

genetic psychopath

knows who she is

Molotov-Cocktailed her abusive father at age 7

Not Giving a Fuck

Willing to die for what she believes to be right

Willing to kill for what she believes is right


Mr. HydeLeague of Extraordinary Gentlemen (movie)

Mr. Hyde is Not Giving a Fuck When All is Said and Done, He Will Make the Sacrifice.

Mr. Hyde is Not Giving a Fuck When All is Said and Done, He Will Make the Sacrifice.


Legal Hostage/ Fugitive

Betrayed and Embittered

Self-Medicating/ Drug Addict

Anger Management Issues


Highly Misunderstood

Complete Lack of Self-Control

Highly Intelligent

FlokiVikings on the History Channel

Floki Communicates with Nature but Cuts Throats, Too.

Floki Communicates with Nature but Cuts Throats, Too.


Socially Awkward

Fiercely Loyal

Intuitive/ Empathic


Very Self-Aware


Needs Alone Time


Works with His Hands & Tools/ Woodworker

Constantly Observant

Magically Inclined

 Daryl DixonThe Walking Dead (AMC Series)

We've Watched as Daryl Became Human.

We’ve Watched as Daryl Became Human.

Childhood Abuse Survivor

Deeply Embedded Abandonment Issues

Recovered Alcoholic/ Rehabilitated Criminal

White Trash Childhood

Conflicted by Right and Wrong

Very Protective of Children & Women

Sensitive to the Needs of Others

Willing to Kill for Those He Loves

Struggles with Allowing Himself to Feel and Process Emotion

Totally in His Element Outdoors

 Cha Tae-sik AKA “Pawn Shop” the Man From Nowhere (movie)

Pawn Shop is a Truly Broken Hero.

Pawn Shop is a Truly Broken Hero.


Survivor Guilt Sufferer

Grieving Widower and Father of Unborn Child

Resigned to His Grief


A Man of Few Words and Many Actions



Depressed/ Lonely

Misunderstood/Wrongly Judged

Fights Urge to Bond with Others

Savage Knife Fighter

Wears His Heart on His Sleeve

Not Giving a Fuck

 Lucianthe Underworld (movies)

Lucian Epitomizes Self Control in a Psychopath

Lucian Epitomizes Self Control in a Psychopath

Part Wolf

Born into Slavery

Massive Amounts of Self-Control

Has Integrity

Human Hearted

Capable of Deeply Adoring and Loving Others

Savage Fighter by Nature

Willing to Kill for Those He Loves

Long-Standing Blood Feud

Begrudging/ Chip On His Shoulder

Vengeful and Diabolical

Highly Intelligent and Observant

Honest/ Truthful


Léon the Professional (movie):

Leon was a Professional at Becoming a Father and Savior to an abused Girl.

Leon was a Professional at Becoming a Father and Savior to an abused Girl.




Man of Few Words



Willing to die for those he loves

VERY Human




Frank Castlethe Punisher (Stan Lee/Marvel Comics):

The Punisher Defined the term "Psychopathic Vendetta".

The Punisher Defined the term “Psychopathic Vendetta”.



Not Giving 

Death Wish

 Longtime Blood Feud

Willing to die for his cause (revenge)






Dexter MorganDexter (Showtime Series)

Does He See Sheets of Plastic in YOUR Future?

Does He See Sheets of Plastic in YOUR Future?

  Genetic Psychopath

          Fights hard to pretend to have morals

          Knows right from wrong

          Murders bad people because they are bad people

          Good Father

          Loving Brother

          Dedicated and Loyal

          Willing to kill for the ones he loves