Childhood Psychopathy.

twd psycho micaI am simply telling my own truth as I see it:

here’s what my life as a mother has consisted of – or the closest thing to my experience…TRUTH.

Article on Childhood Psychopathy

Cupid’s Misfire – I.

There was something about her:
the drag of her left leg as she strode by,
a pocket of heat in the breeze of her passing wake,

he just had to break her,
wanting to steal the twinkle from her eye,
badly desiring to watch her body writhe and shake,

he had no question in mind,
she carried a warrior’s aura that simply defied,
an stubborn, angry innocence that he became driven to take,

she was the one that he’d been waiting on,
the woman he’d been waiting to ruin his whole life,
nothing would please him more than see her body and spirit break.

The Psychopathic Bringers of Justice and Peace Part Five: Joe.

Last night, I watched the film called ‘Joe’ starring Nicolas Cage, Tye Sheridan and the late Gary Poulter. I have never really been too much of a Nick Cage fan (with the exception of The Rock) and couldn’t tell you why besides to say that his macho roles are always totally Schwarzenegger’d to all shit.
The movie Joe however, well….wow…is all I can say; this film was super low budget and had a cast that was mixed with regular street actors as well as more famous ones like Cage; but it’s message was PRICELESS. Cage did the performance of his career, in my opinion – and I realize that is likely because he portrays the epitome of a Psychopathic Bringer of Justice and Peace, but his character is EPIC.

I really can’t do a full review of his role and those of the others in the film without creating a very well-written spoiler – which I only do on movies older than five years. This was a 2013 film, so I will not.
However, in reading up on the film and its making, I was shocked to learn that Gary Poulter, who plays the belligerent and drunken father to Sheridan’s character, actually was a homeless “drunk” that was hired from the streets. His portrayal in the film is said to be one of little acting whatsoever. Additionally, he has died since the film was made; he was found face-down in a shallow pond in an Austin, Texas homeless encampment.

Joe - copy imageThis information made the film that much more powerful and hauntingly surreal. Poulter’s character is evil and truly, truly beyond any help or redemption in the film. It was sad to learn of the lack behind any acting done on his part, for starters.

gary poulter

Poulter’s character being a drunken piece of shit to his son, Sheridan’s character, Gary.

cage poulter

Cage’s character, Joe on the verge of snapping with Poulter’s character, T-Daawg.

Either way – Cage fan or not, I suggest you see this film. It is on Amazon and likely available wherever you get movies nowadays.

Psychopathic Bringers of Justice and Peace – Part 4: The Vigilante Cop.

true detective

The next segment of Psychopathic Bringers of Justice and Peace revolves around the two detectives from the HBO Series called True Detective – Matthew McConaughey’s broken, but profoundly wise character, police detective Rust Cohle, and Woody Harrelson’s uptight and poorly experienced character, Martin Hart.
Throughout the first season of this series, we watched the partnered characters of Woody Harrelson and McConaughey travel through the span of a decade’s time. We watched Rust arrive as a strategically relocated vice cop from Texas to a strange, back-country town in Louisiana to work the case of his lifetime. The series plays out for Rust alongside of a very different partner, Harrelson’s character, Marty Hart.

Rust’s Traits and Characteristics:
1. grieving father
2. a vigilante officer of the law
3. hyper-vigilant
4. traumatized
5. a survivor of near-fatal injuries
6. highly spiritual (but not religious)
7. very opinionated
8. motivated
9. alcoholic
10. willing to kill and/or die for his cause(s)

Marty’s Traits and Characteristics:
1. absent father
2. deceptive
3. self-absorbed
4. unobservant
5. disloyal
6. competitive
7. proud
8. god-fearing
9. narrow-minded
10. willing to kill and/or die for his causes(s)

One thing that I found highly interesting about this plot and the characters was the truth to life that remained present in each scene of every episode. This was such a deeply moving series for many reasons, but Rust certainly stole the show early on with the insightful lines he would spit that would unfailingly cause his stiff-lipped partner (who understand him ZERO percent) shake his head and change the subject. Hit #1 with me, as someone who often receives that same reaction from those around me, when I speak my mind’s madness out loud. I hated the murders and the filth of human flesh attached to the ritualistic, murderous clan of old Yankee men on down the line to the inbred giant and his lover/sister – but not hated it in the sense of any distaste for the writing or amazingly spun plot-line. In all honesty, the discomfort and distaste that I experienced throughout many scenes of the season were based on the TRUTH and REALITY that looms darkly behind the show’s overall storyline.
So, once again – by the end of the season, the viewer (well, I was at least) is rooting for these two cops to do whatever they gotta do to bring down the monsters; any and all of our celebrated respect for the notion of judicial righteousness or justice goes out the window with each dead body discovered. The closer that I got to being forced to accept the defeat of our vigilante detectives towards the end of season one; the more desperate I became to see the bad monsters slain, “not brought to justice”. And unsurprisingly, by that time, I had also totally sided with Rust’s warped state of mind and plan of attack, as well. SHOCKER, right?

The “Unsecret” Dialogue Chronicles – Part 5

The two women have been working for handfuls of hours before the shorter, dark-haired fey steps out the back door; only moments pass before the barely-taller, sinewy blonde comes out behind her, letting the screen door slam with an obnoxious THWACK!

J:        Speaking of your “finest calculations”, Bear…what the hell are we gonna do now? Load up this fuckloads of trash into my car and drive to…..?

S:       Yeah, well I said it wasn’t well-thought out already, didn’t I?

J:        Don’t get snippy with me, Miss Thang! I mean, sure my tits are hanging out but they’re covered in blood for Chrissake…and it’s not even mine, S…I’m not very sure how I’m feeling right now…do we make out or just wrap this up?

S:       Are you still talking?…

S shakes her head and jumps down from the perch she had been smoking atop of in the cool air; she brushes off her ass and walks back inside without another word.

J:        I’ll assume that means you’re trying to wrap this shit up, eh?

S yells from inside the house – in her Bear Trainer’s voice;

S:       Get your ass in here already and c’mon! Such a dawdler!

S mumbles under her breath:

‘It’s no wonder I stared at my phone screen for twenty minutes before pressing the send button under your name, you molasses-motioned pothead…’

J:        What? (from the backyard, still finding her way slowly inside)

S:       Huh? Nothing, I wasn’t talking to you…

J:        cock-blocking me?

S:       No! I said I wasn’t talking to you! Are you coming?

J:        Dude, who’s coming?

S:       Huh?

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The Psychopathic Bringers of Justice and Peace – Part 3: Marv from Sin City.

“That’s the Thing With Dames…sometimes all they gotta do is let it out, and a few buckets later there’s no way you’d know…”

Marv Goes the Distance for Goldie.

Marv Goes the Distance for Goldie.


“Most people think Marv is crazy. He just had the rotten luck of being born in the wrong century.”


“What if I’m wrong? I’ve got a condition. I get confused sometimes. What if I’ve imagined all this? What if I’ve finally turned into what they’ve always said I would turn into? A maniac. A psycho killer.”

We all remember the Marvel Classic turned Movie Sin City, in which the enormous and disfigured Parolee, Marv, falls in love with “A Dame to kill for” (Goldie the Hooker).

I have always loved this film, despite the gore and bloodlust involved; because we get a strange but thorough view from inside this psychopath’s mind during the saga.

We experience his self-doubt under his own un-medicated state; he expresses his underlying need and desire to be loved for the scary thing that he looks like. We see how undyingly loyal and die-hard his affections can be when he is given that love – regardless of if it had come from a hooker. The sense of confusion mixed with sheer determination for vengeance in this storyline is unmatched, and couldn’t possibly have been done any better, in my opinion.

Marv helps the viewer to see that there is an awareness of himself all along, he is very mindful throughout his role in the Saga.

His understanding and deep love for the “dames” is eventually what gets him killed, and by that time – – – the viewer is rooting for him to rise again.

“That’s the thing with dames; sometimes all they gotta do is let it out and a few buckets later there’s no way you’d know…”

Psychopathic Bringers of Justice and Peace – Part 1

Hr. Hyde of A League of Extraordinary Gentlmen

Hr. Hyde of A League of Extraordinary Gentlemen


Today’s morning post has been inspired by – yet, another sleepless night for Yours Truly.

As I was tossing and turning for hours on end, in a bed that I spent way too much cash in vain on (in hopes of it curing my insomnia-esque night time routine), I was thinking about Edward Norton Junior. Okay, well about his character in Fight Club: the narcoleptic corporate IKEA geek with a dastardly alter-ego that pirates control of his sanity for a time. Then I was thinking about Jim Carey’s character “Hank” from the movie Me, Myself and Irene. (In my defense, Hank is actually not a character I like – nor was Tyler Durden; it’s the innocents attached to these fuckers who I find myself relating with time and again…)

BLAM! It hit me in like a soap-sock to the back of the head; and it only tail spun my thoughts from there…

Floki of Vikings

Floki of Vikings

Many of my most endeared and beloved ‘Heroes’, in real life and in the movies, are actually characters defined/depicted as villains, murderous warmongers, savages, psychopaths, head-cases and many other types of negative typecasts. They are ALWAYS the underdog; they are ALWAYS broken and damaged and unable to communicate properly. BUT they are also each individually AWARE of the shit that’s changing them and warping their’ existences.

Daryl Dixon of The Walking Dead

Daryl Dixon of The Walking Dead


Let’s review some perfect examples of my heroes:


"Pawn Shop" of Man from Nowhere

Cha Tae sik AKA “Pawn Shop” of Man from Nowhere


My BELOVED Lucian the Lycan of Underworld

My BELOVED Lucian the Lycan of Underworld

Ed Norton's Character of Fight Club

Ed Norton’s Character of Fight Club

Lisbeth Salander of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Lisbeth Salander of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Michael Corvin of Underworld

Michael Corvin of Underworld

Wolverine of X-Men

Wolverine of X-Men

William Wallace of BraveHeart

William Wallace of BraveHeart

Selene of Underworld

Selene of Underworld

Charlie of Me, Myself & Irene

Charlie of Me, Myself & Irene

"The Shrike" of The Hyperion Cantos

“The Shrike” of The Hyperion Cantos