Note to Self: Note #301

Dear Self,

Why is that every time you are on the WordPress Reader, you end up in tears while reading some total stranger’s post?

What does this fact say about your current mental stability, and state of mind?

Why is it that you have such an inclination to fly into the “light” that you repeatedly get yourself burned by it’s sizzling heat?

You lick the wounds from exposure that was too close in proximity and destiny for weeks afterward, wondering how you got them; but you know where they came from…


They DID NOT SURVIVE with you…they are gone. You tried.

Dear Self,

You are NOT like Mother Teresa; you aren’t built that way.

Dear Self,

Just do YOU, and invest in those who like it when you’re doing YOU, without resentment at you for self-healing in whatever ways you need to – be it, they are healthy enough ways…

Dear Self,

Forgive. Forgive. But NEVER forget.