Resting Place.

We slept without breaths –
underneath six feet of topsoil,
bathed in the heavy suffocation,
of loosely strung illumination –
another silent burial site’s
flimsy paper lantern lights,
among the beloved already beneath,
primordial soup of bones and teeth –
a headstone lain down too heavily,
granite secrets kept steadily,
a lifetimes of anchors: dropped deep –
chained to my chains for all eternity,
a fate bound to a rabid Mammoth,
chained to both well-traveled,
and yellow, daisy-kicking feet,
we dreamed without darkness –
under the same stars,
that together, we once betrayed,
in a match’s quickly stricken,
enticing phosphoric display,
we struck fire to the paths –
from which we just had strayed,
never looked back, admittedly,
we ran until it all faded away,
into one, never-ending and exhausting –
ill-fated, suffocated final resting place.

Couples and Dogs.

Tell me, Gods –
why it might be…
tell me what,
overcomes me…
in the moment,
of times like these…
when I feel like,
just up-chucking…
at your stars,
on my knees…
when I see…
couples and dogs,
strolling happily…
it gets me,
to thinking…
of very dark,
long-gone things…
like I start to,
kinda hating,
questions that I,
am not debating,
from my own history…
where are my dogs?
and where’s my intimacy?