The Yellow Sign.


Long ago, had I pieced together the probability that perhaps, I am alone after all, in the conclusions that I draw about certain things;
That maybe it’s just me who finds irresistible humor peeking out from behind certain lines of antique or classic literature;

It can’t be possible that I am the lone human being to read the first part of The King in Yellow (The Repairer of Reputations) and wind up in stitches due to the superbly described relationship between the “Infernal Beast” AKA the cat – and its master, ear-less Mr. Wilde. It is so? Has nobody else found themselves laughing out loud at the simplicity of this relationship’s exquisitely worded interludes? It truly became one (if not the lone) of the most treasured morsels of the entire story line(s) the instant I first scanned this chapter with my eyes about ten years ago. And, to this day, whenever I read The Repairer of Reputations again, I find this complexity so maniacally funny that I read it several times just to tickle myself.
The VERY best part is when Hildred Castaigne tells Mr. Wilde that he intends to give the cat a hatcheting when he next finds her (after the cat has made bloody war once again on the disfigured old man, maiming his face even further), and the old man simply “shakes his head” as he’s opening the dread manuscript. There is something about this story (especially the pieces that detail the cat and Mr. Wilde) that has always been absolutely genius, in my opinion…and I couldn’t really say exactly WHY.

Doesn’t anyone else find the strange and random chunks of absolute comedy woven into this “horror” classic?